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With the formation of modern nations and nation-states in the Balkans, Arvanites have come to be regarded as an integral part of the Greek nation.

In 1899, leading representatives of the Arvanites in Greece, among them are the descendants of the independence heroes, published a manifesto calling their fellow Albanians outside Greece to join in the creation of a common Albanian-Greek state.

The poem "Thourios" by the 18th-century poet and Greek national hero Rigas Feraios included a call upon Arvanites, as upon other Christian Orthodox peoples living at the time in the general area of Greece, to join in rebelling against Ottoman rule.

Indeed, during the Greek War of Independence, many Arvanites played an important role on fighting on the Greek side against the Ottomans, often as national Greek heroes.

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Northern Greeks: Thracians · Macedonians · Thessalians · Epirotes Southern Greeks: Peloponnesians · Maniots · Roumeliotes Eastern Greeks: Micrasiates (Smyrna, Aeolis, Ionia, Doris, Bithynia) Pontic · Cappadocians/Karamanlides Caucasus Greeks · Crimean Greeks Constantinopolitans Islanders: Cretans · Eptanesians · Cycladites · Dodecanesians · Samiotes · Ikariotes · Chiotes · Lemniotes · Lesvians Cypriots Other groups: Antiochians · Arvanites · Egyptiotes Grecanici · Northern Epirotes · Romaniotes Sarakatsani · Souliotes · Slavophones Tsakonians · Urums who moved south at different times between the 13th and 16th century from the region Arvanon (Άρβανον) or Arvana (Άρβανα) at that time part of the Byzantine Theme of Dyrrhachium, a region in what is today modern Albania In many instances the Arvanites were invited by the Byzantine and Latin rulers of the time.

They were employed to re-settle areas that had been largely depopulated through wars, epidemics, and other reasons, and they were employed as soldiers.

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