Are kellan lutz and annalynne mccord dating still

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Kayla is also an American TV actress who appeared in The Bold and The Beautiful, The Vampires Diaries just to name a few. The couple started dating in September 2006, and their relationship lasted nearly two years before they went their separate ways in July 2008.The reason for their breakup is Kellan’s next girlfriend.There are strong rumors that they are going to get married later this year.Kellan Lutz’s first official girlfriend is Kayla Ewell.

But after nearly three years of being in a relationship, their fairy tale came to an end in June 2011.Kellan is already 31, and it is the perfect age to get married and settle down after having gone through a series of girlfriends.It is a coincidence that Kellan’s ex-girlfriend name is also Brittny with a slightly different spelling.She openly confessed that she was never sure whether Kellan loved her or not and had blamed on her past relationships and sexual assaults for such insecurity.One of the reasons why Anna suspected Kellan’s love for her was because there were strong rumors that Kelly started dating Kellan in January 2011.

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