Baghdad battery dating

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In the years since Konig published his paper in 1940, there has been much debate about the batteries in the scientific community.

With some factions contending that the notion of ancient electricity is farcical and others going so far as to claim that the Baghdad batteries explain the legendary powers of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant, a wide range of viewpoints have been expressed.

250, long before modern batteries were invented in the 19th century.

The Myth Busters fashioned 10 terracotta replicas of the mysterious urn, complete with lemon juice as the electrolyte agent.

Later experiments using grape juice and vinegar produced similar results.

While modern historians attribute the invention of the battery to Italian physicist Alessandro Volta in 1800, Volta may have simply recreated a 2,000 year-old lost technology.

(Cultures dating as far back as 2,750 BC made written mention of electricity, although only regarding electricity that occurs naturally.

This technique has been used, for example, in the process of gold plating.

Gold-coated Egyptian artifacts dating contemporaneously with the Baghdad batteries might support this interpretation of the batteries’ use.

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