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The judge told Mc Carney that he was a deeply manipulative individual devoid of social norms.– Jack Treeby, 44, from Rainham, Kent, was run over by a Land Rover in a street in Tovil, Maidstone.Youngest son Gary Treeby inherited the family farm, Broadview, at Lidsing in 2007 and also controlled the access to a piece of land left to his siblings. – Salum Kombo, 18, art student originally from Tanzania, stabbed in Bow, east London.A boy of 15 was detained during HM Pleasure (minimum of 14 years) in June 2010.Barry Mc Carney, 33, was convicted of murder and jailed for life in Feb 2013.

He was a family friend who killed her for money she was saving for the haj.

– Between five and 60 people were killed in the Huanuco district of Peru.

They had all been killed and drained of human fat which was sold on to the cosmetics industry.

His brother, Gary Treeby, survived being shot in the same incident and later gave evidence.

Jack’s other brother Bill Treeby, 40, was convicted of murder in Sep 2010 but hanged himself in HMP Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey in Dec 2010 while awaiting sentencing.

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