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One of the most secretive of the OPEC countries, Saudi Arabia has finally decided to open its doors to Westerners.Ted Conover hitches a ride with the first American tour group to visit a kingdom that still isn't sure tourists are a good idea "If you go outside, make sure you turn left. " instructs Peter Voll, our tour director, as we check into the Sheraton Hotel in Medina.Prince Khalid al-Faisal, the popular governor of Asir province whose recent poetry reading in Jordan drew 10,000 people, told me in an interview that "twenty years ago was almost a four-letter word." The royal family (and the clerics who rule with them) associated tourism with drinking, gambling, and nightclubs--"with all these things that do not go with Islamic teachings or the Islamic way of life." But he saw it as something that could help his mountainous, underdeveloped region, and he established the kingdom's first bureau of tourism.

The crowd today was a bit different: the room was packed with a sea of Saudi students and businessmen in white There are princes and then there are princes--four or five thousand of them in Saudi Arabia, a few destined for greatness and riches, but most destined simply for riches.Mecca, where pilgrims circle the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque, and Medina, where Muhammad's message was first embraced and where he is buried, are the centers of the universe for the world's almost 1.2 billion Muslims.An arrow pointing toward Mecca is attached to the top of practically every hotel dresser in the country so that guests know which way to face when praying.And ladies, you must wear your abayas and your head scarves here." A groan issues from members of our tour.The women, nearly three-quarters of the 42 of us, have grown fairly accustomed to wearing the black, ankle-length abaya, but a week into our tour of Saudi Arabia, head scarves are still a chore.

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