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So long as the people of Karachi and even Lahore want to buy sex services, sex services will always be provided by those who need the money.It’s really quite scary, what the need of money will make people do.Weeks on, the disaster–and the Pakistani government's response to it–have exposed a silent war, and state violations against the Baloch people.There is something wrong in Pakistan with daughters.As a thought about something sexual crosses your mind, you shake it off and start thinking about anything pious that would take your mind off of it. Sex is a topic we don’t ever discuss, it also has subcategories that we would rather not think twice about.Where one of them is rape, another one is prostitution.They hope to improve journalism education and provide an alternative to the Mullah Radio stations broadcasting from across the border in Afghanistan.

So they suffer in silence, in the shadows, often for years.There are a number of amateur and semi-professional Christian/Gospel rock bands in Pakistan.Among them is Hallelujah, which has parlayed its mix of rock and Christian themes into a little bit of mainstream attention.And suddenly, the rich and wealthy were being called Burgers themselves.When Pakistan goes to the polls, their ballots will not have the names of any contesting parties on them.

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