Mtv dating show with twins who is dating michael ealy

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It became embroiled in a controversy regarding its depiction of Gandhi soon afterward, which prompted hundreds in India to mount a hunger strike in response.Shortly after, MTV pulled the series, which had been receiving low ratings.The genetic ancestors of all of the five main clones died of similarly irregular causes: three assassinations, one execution and one suicide.Other historical figure-based humor includes offhand coincidental remarks to other students, such as Abe mentioning that the clone of Napoleon is so annoying because of "some kind of complex", or Gandhi telling Catherine the Great to "get off her high horse".Even the prom is a joke however, as we learn it is only the Winter Prom.

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Clone High first aired in its entirety on Canadian cable network Teletoon between 20, later debuting on MTV.For instance, Gandhi is portrayed as a hyperactive jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold whose biggest dream is to be accepted by those around him, in contrast to his historical legacy of calm nonviolence.Abe Lincoln is similarly portrayed as weak and indecisive, completely lacking the resolve of the President whose DNA he shares.All of the clones are also given mis-matched foster parents who have little in common with them.Gandhi's parents are a stereotypical Jewish-American couple, while JFK is raised by a homosexual, interracial couple; Joan's "foster grandpa" is an elderly blind musician similar to Ray Charles named Toots, a parody of the stereotypical wise old man role (and the magical negro role) found in many teen shows, and who begins many of his declarative sentences with the words, "Now, I may be blind, but I can see..." followed by a wise-sounding observation that has little or nothing to do with anything.

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