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The elephants were being taken from an Indiana wildlife park where they live to Sarasota, Florida for the winter.Once the owners were able to secure a new truck, the elephants were loaded on and continued on to Florida.

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The slight turn on the slippery pavement was enough to cause the truck to slide across the road and ram Berg's vehicle.

By 1981, Bators had become a permanent member of the Wanderers.

After the impressive ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (1981), Bators took Dave Treganna (ex-Sham 69) with him to join James and Nicky Turner (ex-Barracudas) in Lords Of The New Church.

Chattanooga Fire Department Chief Lesley Morgan described the elephants as being 'huge but well behaved'.'(The owners) gave them some hay to munch on while firefighters put the fire out,' he said.

Dade County Sheriff's Office said the fire was contained to the cab of the truck, but the elephants were evacuated as a precaution.

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