No membership site

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Let’s say that you have a membership site with drip-fed content that’s been online for six months…If you’re creating content right now that you are really excited about and really passionate about, it’s only going to be seen by a small minority of your members.Members that are getting in to the site today are seeing your oldest (possibly outdated) content while only the few members that have been around since month one are seeing the stuff that you just created and are really excited about…What happens two years from now when you still have a few members hanging around that have been there since the beginning?

But it’s not going to keep them coming back craving more.You’re still creating content that could potentially only be seen by a handful of people.Drip feeding make sense if you’ve created a six month course or training that has a specific end date.The “thud” or “big box of stuff” used to be something that drove the perceived value of your product or promotion through the roof.These days, giving your members the perception of having personal access to you is the new way to build in that maximum perceived value.

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