Sql updating table from temp table

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The expression cannot be a subquery or contain alias data types.Computed columns can be used in select lists, WHERE clauses, ORDER BY clauses, or any other locations in which regular expressions can be used, with the following exceptions: Based on the expressions that are used, the nullability of computed columns is determined automatically by the Database Engine.The temporary tables could be very useful in some cases to keep temporary data.The most important thing that should be known for temporary tables is that they will be deleted when the current client session terminates.ON can also be specified in a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraint. If is specified, the index is stored in the named filegroup.If "default" is specified, or if ON is not specified at all, the index is stored in the same filegroup as the table.

Here is an example showing you the usage of a temporary table.

A computed column is a virtual column that is not physically stored in the table, unless the column is marked PERSISTED.

The column is computed from an expression that uses other columns in the same table.

Still if you want to delete them in between, then you can do so by issuing a DROP TABLE command.

Following is an example on dropping a temporary table.

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