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Note that the new (and poorly named) HTML5 "autocomplete" attribute is not used for these lists of choices, but instead is a flag that tells the browser whether or not it should used stored form values from previous sessions.Sadly, the HTML5 autocompletion has no options for customizing the look, for using HTML in the autocomplete list, or for defining how the match against the choices is performed.So, if you are using Java Script anyhow, the autocompleters from Scriptaculous, j Query UI, Ext/JS, Dojo, etc., are far more usable.I tested autocompletion (i.e., the "list" attribute) with vanilla textfields (input type="text") on the latest versions of the five most popular browsers on Windows.Browsers are supposed to use a horizontal slider unless you attach CSS that specifies a smaller width than height, in which case they are supposed to use a vertical slider.Unlike with the number (spinner) input type, the range (slider) input type has reasonable defaults for min, max, step, and value.So, all of value, step, min, and max can be omitted.However, in the current version of Chrome, selecting the up/down arrows starts at 0001-01-01 unless you supply a value.

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Safari uses an interface that looks like a number spinner but increments the yyyy-mm-dd string one day at a time.Unbound is subject to NLnet Labs Security Patch Policy Commercial support for Unbound is available from several organizations. HTML5 defines a variety of new input types: sliders, number spinners, popup calendars, color choosers, autocompleting suggest boxes, and more.Note that the library incorrectly reports that the latest version of Safari (5.1.7) does not support date input, when in fact it does (albeit with a much poorer interface than Chrome and Opera).In Opera and other future browsers that pop up calendars, the calendar selection defaults to the current date.

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