Vlookup not updating

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I know how many instances of the lookup ID I have so I can workaround.

), I only seem to have success dragging to the right if I go in and change the 1 to '0' for the 1st instance of the lookup ID, '1' for the 2nd instance and so on.

Specifically, you can use vlookup to do a left or right outer join, but not a full outer join (like your table result).

To do an outer join for your example above, add the following to the C2 of "Table B" (or copy "Table B" and then do this): =vlookup( a2, # the cell value from the current table to look up in the other table table_a!

Some of the data outside of charts isn't refreshed properly either while running the script.

When I amputate a random half of the workbook functions, everything works fine.

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